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Enforcement of ABC Laws and Commission Rules

Law EnforcementVarious agencies are responsible for the enforcement of ABC Laws and Commission Rules in North Carolina. Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE), a division of the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, is the State enforcement agency. Local ABC Boards may hire ABC Officers or may contract with a local law enforcement agency for ABC law enforcement. Sheriff and police departments may also designate an officer on their staff to be the ABC law enforcement officer. The ABC Audit Division is responsible for ensuring permittees are complying with reporting requirements.

The primary mission of ALE is the enforcement of the State Alcoholic Beverage Control laws and the Controlled Substances Act. Special attention is directed towards the possession and use of alcohol by underage persons and the prevention of violent crime due to alcohol and drug abuse. In addition, they enforce the tobacco laws prohibiting the sale and distribution of tobacco products to persons under the age of 18.

ALE Districts Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) consists of nine districts with the headquarters office located in Raleigh. ALE Agents are available to answer questions and provide information. ALE agents have rights to inspect establishments holding ABC permits: (1) they may inspect all parts of licensed premises, (2) they may take any enforcement action for illegal activities on the licensed premises, including but not limited to issuing criminal citations and administrative violations, and (3) they may examine your books and records.

The responsibility for complying with ABC’s laws and rules lies strictly with the permittee.

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