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Permitting Process
Kinds of Commercial Permits
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 How do I locate a permittee? (Permittee Search)
 How do I apply for a permit?
 How do I find a store near me?
 How do I apply for a job at an ABC store?
 What type of sales are allowed in my area?
 How do I open an ABC Store?


Commercial Permitting Process

An ABC permit shall authorize the permitted activity only on the premises of the establishment named in the permit. An ABC permit shall be issued to the owner of the business conducted on the premise, or to the management company employed to independently manage and operate the business.

Related Statutes GS 18B-900, GS 18B-901, GS 18B-902, GS 18B-903, GS 18B-904, GS 18B-905, GS 18B-906

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