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Supplier Representatives and Brokerages

Distiller Representatives To conduct business in this state, Distillers of spirituous liquor are required to have a Federal Basic Permit, a Certificate of Authority and a Distiller Permit. The distiller may also have a Distiller Representative, who also requires a permit. The Distiller Representative can show products to the ABC boards for listing locally.

It is required that the distiller be represented by a Brokerage, who is commonly referred to as a North Carolina Broker (see below for a list of active NC Brokers).

New and existing Brokerages are required to have a Certificate of Authority.

The broker, along with their sales force, must apply for and hold a Broker Representative Permit approved and issued by the NC ABC Commission. The broker is responsible for maintaining an adequate supply of their spirituous liquor at the State ABC Warehouse. On average, approximately 3.3 million cases of spirituous liquor is received and shipped out of the warehouse to the local ABC boards annually.

For each distiller, the Broker Representative is responsible for following specific procedures for a new company to sell distilled spirits before the ABC Commission can approve products for sale in the State. Once approved at the ABC Commission’s annual listing meeting, the Broker Representative can show products to the ABC boards for listing locally.

Permitted activities are covered in Subchapter 2T - Industry Members: Retail/Industry Member

Active North Carolina Brokerages as of 9/21/2014
Select a broker below for contact information, and to view a list of suppliers that they represent.

Artisan Spirits Sales
Kings Mountain, NC
Asheville Distilling Co.
Asheville, NC
Barrister & Brewer brokerage
Durham, NC
Blue Ridge Distilling (Brokerage)
Bostic, NC
Brothers Vilgalys Spirits
Durham, NC
Carolina Craft Spirits
Lenoir, NC
Charm LLC
Willow Springs, NC
Diablo Distilleries
Jacksonville, NC
Hexa Partners (Broker)
Raleigh, NC
Howling Moon (Broker)
Asheville, NC
J. Select (Broker)
Morrisville, NC
Johnson Brothers of North Carolina
Durham, NC
LeGrande Hospitality LLC
Raleigh, NC
Muddy River Distillery
Belmont, NC
One80 Spirits (Brokerage)
Mint Hill, NC
Petzold Distilleries (Brokerage)
Marshall, NC
Republic National - Alliance Div
Charlotte, NC
Republic National - Charlotte Div
Charlotte, NC
Republic National - Sparrow Div
Raleigh, NC
Southern Wine & Spirits ALD
Raleigh, NC
Southern Wine & Spirits Mid Atlantic, Inc.
Raleigh, NC
Southern Wine & Spirits NASWB
Raleigh, NC
Target Marketing & Importing
Raleigh, NC
Tequila Tino Imports (Brokerage)
Charlotte, NC
Tobacco Road Distillers
Clinton, NC
Top Spirits
Chapel Hill, NC

View contact information for North Carolina brokers.

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