Frequently Asked Questions

Beer & Wine Product Approvals

How do I get product approval?
Is there a product approval fee for additional sizes of the same product?
What is required for product/label approval for a NC brewpub where the product is piped to a dispensing tank?
Do I need to obtain label approval for growlers?
What is the maximum alcohol content by volume for a malt beverage?
Is a sample bottle required to receive product approval?
How is cider classified?
Who is responsible for paying the state excise tax? What is the state excise tax rate?
Who completes and files the Distribution Agreement Filing Form?
Can you assign a territory to different wholesalers for the same brand?
What do I need to do when someone purchases the brands and assets of my current wholesaler? Can I select a new wholesaler?

ABC Boards

What is a local ABC Board?
Are the local ABC Boards part of the ABC Commission?
Does the ABC Commission have authority over the local ABC Boards?
Does the ABC Commission oversee the financial stability of the local ABC Boards?
What is the difference between the local ABC Board and the local ABC store?

ABC Stores

How many local ABC stores are there?
Who chooses the location of a local ABC store?
Is there any notification to the public when a new ABC store location is selected?
Is my local ABC store open today?
Are ABC stores open on Sundays or holidays?
Can local ABC stores have "sales" and offer spirituous liquor at a discount or below the next ABC store's prices?
Can spirituous liquor be sold in grocery stores and other food marts?
Where do the local ABC stores get their spirituous liquor?
Are the ABC store employees considered state employees?
How do I place an order for an item that is not listed on the state-approved listing?
How long after a spirituous liquor special order is placed before the item(s) are received?
Are spirituous liquor special orders shipped directly to me?
How do I find a store near me?
How do I apply for a job at an ABC store?
How many counties in North Carolina do not have ABC stores?
How do I open an ABC Store?

State Warehouse

How does the State of North Carolina provide for storage of spirituous liquor?
Who is responsible for the administrative operation of the state-owned warehouse?
Who operates the warehouse?
How is the private contractor, LB&B Associates paid?

Commercial Permits

What is a commercial permit?
How long does the application process take? Can I obtain temporary permits so that I can operate during the application process?
How long are permits valid once obtained? Any yearly fees?
Can a North Carolina Winery obtain wholesale permits in addition to the winery and retail permits?
What is the difference between a vendor representative and a wholesale salesman?
Is an application fee required for each person completing an application form?
If I am applying for both beer and wine, is the fee doubled?
What constitutes a wholesale warehouse?
Does a NC Wholesaler actually have to take possession of the beer and wine products?
Can I get a refund of my monies if my request for an ABC permit is not approved?
Where can I download the Keg Purchase-Transportation Permit?
Who gets the monies collected from ABC permits?

Retail Permitting

Who gets the monies collected from ABC permits?
What type of sales are allowed in my area?
Where can I download the Keg Purchase-Transportation Permit?
What is a retail permit?
What is a permit and who issues it? What is a license and who issues it?
What does an ABC permit cost?
Can my application for permit(s) be prorated if I apply during the year and before the April 30 date?
Where can I get fingerprint cards completed?
How do I apply for a permit?
Can I get a refund of my monies if my request for an ABC permit is not approved?
What kind of background investigation is required?
Can one be automatically disqualified from receiving an ABC permit?
Can minor misdemeanor offenses or a conviction for DWI (driving while intoxicated) disqualify an applicant from holding an ABC permit?
Could the application for permit be delayed for any reason?
How can I add additional permits when I already hold one ABC permit?
What if for some reason I don’t renew my ABC permit by April 30?
What happens if I don’t get a renewal notice and my permit expires?
What happens if I change the business’ ownership or relocate my business to a new location? Do I need to start over in the application process?
What if I don’t own the business location or don’t have a lease or rental agreement, but a friendly agreement with the owner?
Can out-of-state corporations hold permits in North Carolina?
What age must one be to work in establishments serving alcoholic beverages?

Field Audits

What is a field audit?
Why is an audit necessary?
When can a permit holder expect to be audited?
Can an audit prevent me from receiving a permanent permit?
How often should a permit holder expect to be audited?
If a business holds a Restaurant Mixed Beverage permit, how much food must it sell?
Does a food business or a retail business holding an ABC permit have to meet a food sales percentage?
When a bottle of liquor is empty at a mixed beverage business, is it mandatory to break the bottle?
How much extra tax does a Mixed Beverage permittee pay for liquor verses the retail public?
What is the minimum amount of spirituous liquor to be used in a Mixed Beverage?
Can a Mixed Beverage permittee marry or combine two partially filled liquor bottles into one?
Can a Mixed Beverage permittee prepare batch recipes, or pre-mix beverages before receiving an order for the beverage?
Can a Mixed Beverage permittee keep more than one container of a brand of spirituous liquor at the bar as a back up?
Can a Mixed Beverages Tax Stamp be transferred to another liquor container?
Can a Mixed Beverage permittee combine two partially filled liquor bottles into one?
Are all permittees required to submit financial and inventory reports?