ABC Board Directory

Rowland ABC Board
308 N Bond, Rowland, NC 28383
PO Box 205, Rowland, NC 28383-0205
September 27, 1967

ABC Board of Elections
S.L. 1967 - 405

Additional ABC Election information is available by linking to our listing of Alcoholic Beverage Legal Sales Areas for counties, cities, and towns in North Carolina.

Division of Revenue
Gross Profits
  • Alcohol Education - follows GS 18B-805(c)(3)
  • Law enforcement - follows GS 18B-805(c)(2)
Net Profits
  • 65% to Rowland General Fund for any governmental, library, recreation or educational purposes
  • 35% to Robeson County General Fund for any governmental, library, educational or hospital puposes

Board Members
Member Title Appointment Date
Eddie Smith Jr. Chairman 05/14/2019
Glenda Hunt Locklear General Manager
Walter Hodge Member 05/14/2019
Jean A. Love Member 05/14/2019

Store Address Hours of Operation
308 N Bond St, Rowland, NC 28383 Mon-Thurs.12pm-7pm; Friday 12pm-8pm Sat.10am-8pm