ABC Board Directory

Tabor City ABC Board
103 N 701 Bypass, Tabor City, NC 28463
PO Box 496, Tabor City, NC 28463
December 1, 1980

ABC Board of Elections
S.L. 1967 - 540

Additional ABC Election information is available by linking to our listing of Alcoholic Beverage Legal Sales Areas for counties, cities, and towns in North Carolina.

Division of Revenue
Gross Profits
  • Law Enforcement - follows GS 18B-805(c)(2)
  • Alcohol Education - follows GS 18B-805(c)(3)
Net Profits
  • 50% to Tabor City General Fund
  • 45% to Columbus General Fund to be allocated in equal parts to the board of education of any school unit in which an ABC store is located
  • 5% to Tabor City General Fund for Fire Department

Board Members
Member Title Appointment Date
Mitchell Strickland Chairman 06/15/2021
Eddie Grainger Member 03/31/2021
Kyle Cox Member 12/28/2021
Esther Abel General Manager

Store Address Hours of Operation
103 N. 701 Bypass, Tabor City, NC 28463 Mon-Sat: 9am-9pm