Commercial Permits
Commercial Permitting
An establishment or individual that is engaged in the manufacture, importation, distribution, bottling, transportation or representation of alcoholic beverages must obtain a commercial ABC permit authorizing such activity. Once issued, ABC permits are valid until a change in ownership occurs, the business is relocated or no longer conducting business. First, determine the type of permit needed in order to conduct business. Each permit authorizes specific activities. In some instances may be needed for multiple permits. Please refer to permit types to view the authorization and fee for each permit.

In addition to ABC permits, certain commercial permittees must also obtain product approval for each product offered for sale in this State. Every supplier of malt beverage and wine must submit Distribution Agreements identifying each of their wholesalers, the brands that they carry, and where that wholesaler is authorized to sell each particular brand.
North Carolina is a three-tier state and does not allow the direct shipment of alcoholic beverages to consumers. Simply stated, in North Carolina, this means that a licensed manufacturer, importer, bottler, or nonresident vendor (first tier) may sell and ship only to licensed wholesalers (second tier). The wholesaler may sell only to licensed retailers (third tier) or other wholesalers. The only exception to the three-tier system is that a North Carolina winery may ship its products to individual purchasers inside and outside this state.

North Carolina is also a control state; therefore, the sale of spirituous liquor differs from that of malt beverage and wine. Spirituous liquor may only be sold in local county or municipal ABC stores. Please refer to ABC Boards for more information

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