Brand Information


Brand Name: Boones(Boones Farm)
Brand Origin: USA
Product Type: Wine


Supplier: E and J Gallo Winery
File Number: 0106CM
Owner: E and J Gallo Winery
Location: 600 Yosemite Blvd, Modesto, CA 95354


Wholesaler: Albemarle Dist Company
File Number: 0088CM
Owner: Albemarle Dist Company Inc
Location: 129 Charles Street, Elizabeth City, NC 27909
Mailing Address: PO Box 7, Elizabeth City, NC 27907
Phone: (252)338-8936

Wholesaler: Associated Brands
File Number: 0163CM
Owner: Blue Ridge Distributing Company Inc
Location: 2214 North College Avenue, Newton, NC 28658
Mailing Address: PO Box 819, Conover, NC 28613
Phone: (828)464-8483

Wholesaler: Healy Wholesale Company
File Number: 0053CM
Owner: Healy Wholesale Company Inc
Location: 4021 Distribution Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28311
Mailing Address: PO Box 36157, Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone: (910)822-3827

Wholesaler: Johnson Brothers Mutual Dist of NC
File Number: 00223776CM
Owner: Johnson Brothers of North Carolina Inc
Location: 2233 Capital Blvd , Raleigh, NC 27604
Phone: (919)828-3842

Wholesaler: Skyland Distributing Company
File Number: 00180894CM
Owner: Skyland Distributing Company Inc
Location: 1 Overland Industrial Blvd, Asheville, NC 28806
Mailing Address: PO Box 17008, Asheville, NC 28816
Phone: (828)670-6600

Wholesaler: Windham Distributing Company
File Number: 0032CM
Owner: Windham Distributing Company Inc
Location: 2927 North Kerr Avenue, Wilmington, NC 28405
Mailing Address: PO Box 1489, Wilmington, NC 28402
Phone: (910)343-0041

Authorized Products

Product Fanciful Name Product Number %Alcohol Status
Blanc De Blanc 06322U 7.00 Inactive
Blush Natural 06321U 8.00 Inactive
Country Kwencher ... 00024010U 4.60 Approved
Country Kwencher ... 00024706U 4.60 Approved
Country Kwencher ... 00024707U 7.50 Approved
Cranberry Raspber... 17376U 8.00 Approved
Delicious Apple W... 06168U 7.00 Approved
Flavored Citrus W... Fuzzy Navel 00176747U 3.90 Approved
Flavored Citrus W... Snow Creek Berry 00176748U 3.90 Approved
Fuzzy Navel Flavo... 00170472U 3.90 Approved
Kiwi Strawberry A... 00024708U 8.00 Approved
Kiwi Strawberry C... 00024007U 8.00 Approved
Sangria Grape Win... 00024002U 7.50 Approved
Snow Creek Berry ... 00024008U 3.90 Approved
Snow Creek Berry ... 00137455U 3.88 Approved
Strawberry Hill A... 00024705U 7.50 Approved
Strawberry Hill C... 00024006U 7.50 Approved
Strawberry Hill G... 00024704U 7.50 Approved
Strawberry Margar... 00093607U 3.90 Approved
Sun Peak Peach Ap... 00024005U 3.90 Approved
Sun Peak Peach Ci... 00024710U 5.00 Approved
Sunshine Pink Fla... 00085280U 3.90 Approved
Tropical Citrus W... 17375U 8.00 Approved
Wild Island Apple... 00024009U 3.90 Approved
Wild Island Citru... 00024709U 5.00 Approved
Wild Mountain Gra... 01663U 7.00 Inactive
Product Fanciful Name Status
Blanc De Blanc Inactive
Blush Natural Inactive
Country Kwencher ... Approved
Country Kwencher ... Approved
Country Kwencher ... Approved
Cranberry Raspber... Approved
Delicious Apple W... Approved
Flavored Citrus W... Fuzzy Navel Approved
Flavored Citrus W... Snow Creek Berry Approved
Fuzzy Navel Flavo... Approved
Kiwi Strawberry A... Approved
Kiwi Strawberry C... Approved
Sangria Grape Win... Approved
Snow Creek Berry ... Approved
Snow Creek Berry ... Approved
Strawberry Hill A... Approved
Strawberry Hill C... Approved
Strawberry Hill G... Approved
Strawberry Margar... Approved
Sun Peak Peach Ap... Approved
Sun Peak Peach Ci... Approved
Sunshine Pink Fla... Approved
Tropical Citrus W... Approved
Wild Island Apple... Approved
Wild Island Citru... Approved
Wild Mountain Gra... Inactive