Legal Announcement

Come to Rest Permanent Rules Effective - 14B NCAC 15C .0602, .0607

Thursday, September 1, 2022

‚ÄčThe Come To Rest permanent rules became effective August 23, 2022.  These rules were adopted by the ABC Commission on December 9, 2020, approved by the Rules Review Commission on January 21, 2020, and objected to by at least 10 person on January 22, 2021 thereby subjecting these rules to the legislative disapproval process. Because no legislation was filed to disapprove these rules during the next legislative session following approval of these rules, these rules became effective on the 31st legislative day of the session. These rules will be added to the Administrative Code by September 8, 2022.  These rules were published in the NC Register on March 1, 2021.