ABC Boards

Purchase Transportation Permit

A local ABC Board or distillery may issue a person a permit to purchase and transport an amount of alcoholic beverage greater than those listed under Personal Importation.

  • A purchase-transportation permit authorizes the holder to transport, at one time, from the place of purchase to the destination within North Carolina indicated on the permit, the following amount(s) of alcoholic beverages:
    1. A maximum of 100 liters of unfortified wine;
    2. A maximum of 40 liters of either fortified wine or spirituous liquor, or 40 liters of the two combined.
  • A purchase-transportation permit shall not be issued to a person who:
    1. Is not sufficiently identified or known to the issuer;
    2. Is known or shown to be an alcoholic or bootlegger;
    3. Has been convicted within the three (3) previous years of an offense involving the sale, possession, or transportation of non-tax paid alcoholic beverages;
    4. Has been convicted within the three (3) previous years of an offense involving the sale of alcoholic beverages without a permit.
  • A purchase-transportation permit shall be issued on a printed form adopted by the Commission. The Commission shall adopt rules specifying the content of the permit form.
  • A purchase may be made only from the store or distillery named on the permit. One copy of the permit shall be kept by the issuing person, one by the purchaser, and one by the store or distillery from which the purchase is made. The purchaser shall display his copy of the permit to any law-enforcement officer upon request. A permit for the purchase and transportation of spirituous liquor may be issued only by an authorized agent of the local board for the jurisdiction in which the purchase will be made, or in accordance of 18B-403(b)(5).
  • A purchase-transportation permit is valid only until 9:30 p.m. on the date of purchase, which date shall be stated on the permit.