About the ABC Commission
Customer Service
At the North Carolina ABC Commission, it is our intention to provide you with the courteous and friendly service you deserve. However, if one of our staff members has been discourteous or unfriendly, or you wish to express dissatisfaction with the service you received, please let us know. We would also appreciate being made aware of an employee who has provided you with exceptional service. This will enable us to better serve you.
You may contact us by calling the ABC Commission and asking for:

Agnes Stevens
ABC Commission
(919) 779-8323
Email: Agnes Stevens
Or you may write us at the following address:

NC ABC Commission
4307 Mail Service Center
Raleigh NC 27699-4307
Email: contact@abc.nc.gov
In addition, we are also interested in the North Carolina ABC Boards providing the same courteous and friendly service as the ABC Commission. You may call your local ABC Board manager or supervisor if you wish to discuss a problem or to compliment a board staff member. The phone number should be listed in the local telephone directory or you may wish to link to the ABC Board Directory and find the location.
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