Audit Division
The ABC Commission Application Investigations/ Audit Division staff ensures that permit holders comply with ABC Laws and Rules through investigation of the applications for ABC permits, review of Financial and Inventory Reports and audits. Once a temporary ABC permit is issued, a Permit Compliance Officer will conduct an investigation to determine whether the location qualifies for the permits issued. The Investigations/ Audit Division staff then monitors those issued ABC permits through Financial and Inventory Reports to determine whether they continue to qualify for the permits held. ABC permittees are required to maintain certain qualifications that are monitored through these required reports and verified by visits to the business location. All ABC businesses are subject to being audited, however, those that possess mixed beverage permits receive the most scrutiny.
The ABC Commission rules require all mixed beverage permittees to maintain full and accurate monthly records of their finances. The rules require permittees to submit required Financial and Inventory Reports on a schedule set by the Application Investigations/ Audit Division. In addition, the ABC statutes require businesses to meet certain criteria by definition. For example, Mixed Beverage Restaurants shall have gross receipts from food sales of not less than thirty percent (30%) of the business’s total gross receipts. Once the application requirements are met and temporary a retail ABC permit is issued, an ABC Permit Compliance Officer will contact the location to discuss the ABC regulations. If the temporary permit is not issued, a preliminary investigation may be conducted.
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