Product Approval Malt Beverage
Label Contents: Malt Beverages

Malt beverage labels shall contain the following information, in a legible form:

  1. Brand name of product;
  2. Name and address of brewer or bottler, or if imported, name and address of importer;
  3. Class (type) of product (e.g., beer, ale, porter, lager, bock, stout, or other brewed or fermented beverage);
  4. Net contents;

Federal Government Health Warning as required by Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms must also be present on the label.

In order to obtain malt beverage product approval you must submit the following:

  • Completed Product/Label Approval form with original labels attached;
  • Certified analysis showing the alcoholic content by volume, bearing the signature of the person performing the analysis; or submit two (2), 12 oz. sample bottles for analysis purposes;
  • Copy of Federal Certificate of Label Approval (COLA);
  • Correct fee;
    • $ 10.00 with the submission of a certified analysis;
    • $ 25.00 with two 12 oz sample bottles.
  • Please see Distribution in order to determine if a Distribution Agreement Filing Form is required in order to obtain product approval.
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