Permit Forms

Limited Special Occasion

**NEW** Limited Special Occasion Permit
**NUEVO** Permiso Limitado Para Ocasiones Especiales

Special One-Time Permit

**NEW** Special One-Time Auction Permit
**NEW** Special One-Time Permit for the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
**NEW** Special One-Time Permit for the Transfer of Spirituous Liquor
**NUEVO** Permiso Especial Único para la Venta de Bebidas Alcohólicas

Retail Application

**NEW** Retail Permit - Corporation
**NEW** Retail Permit - General Partnership
**NEW** Retail Permit - Individual Ownership
**NEW** Retail Permit - Limited Liability Company (LLC)
**NEW** Retail Permit - Limited Partnership
Local Government Opinion Contacts (Search for designated official)

Commercial Application (In-State)

**NEW** Commercial Permit - Corporation
**NEW** Commercial Permit - General Partnership
**NEW** Commercial Permit - Individual Ownership
**NEW** Commercial Permit - Limited Liability Company (LLC)
**NEW** Commercial Permit - Limited Partnership
Federal Basic Permit or Brewers Notice

Miscellaneous Retail and Commercial Forms

**NEW** Special Event Approval Form
Corporate LLC Manager Change
Designated Official Resolution
FEIN-SSN Verification Form
Inspection Zoning Compliance Form
Local Government Opinion Form
Ownership Document
Ownership Transfer Request Form
Proof of Alcohol Seller Server Training
Recycling Compliance Form (Application)
Recycling Self Hauling Form
Replacement/Name Change Request Form
Restroom Waiver

Other Retail Applications

Airport Central Storage Permit
Antique SL Permit
Common Area Entertainment Permit
Common Carrier Vehicle Permit
Delivery Service Application for Non-Retail Locations
Delivery Service Application for Retail Business
Keg Purchase Transportation Permit

Other Commercial Applications (Out-of-State)

**NEW** Commercial Transportation
Nonresident Vendor, Wine Shipper, Special Event Permit Application
Vendor Representative Permit Application
Wholesale Salesman Permit Application

Commercial Forms

Brand Listing Report
Distribution Agreement Filing Form
Label Product Approval Form and Instructions
Quarterly Report Form

General Forms

**NEW** Designated Official Resolution
Order Form for Publications (18b and Retail Guide)
Social District Registration Form