Information for New Suppliers
Procedures for a New Company to Sell Distilled Spirits in North Carolina

Basic Guidelines to assist new companies with the listing of spirituous liquor.

              Case Code Label Requirements / Pallet Specifications
              ABC Warehouse Special Service Charges

The ABC Commission at its twice yearly meetings (January & July) considers product(s) for listing. New companies, who wish to sell distilled spirits in the State of North Carolina, must be represented by a resident North Carolina Broker. The broker (chosen by you) will make the presentation of your product(s). The markup formula used by North Carolina can be found on the  Liquor Supplier's / Distiller's Price Filing Quotation Form .

The broker will inform you if the product(s) has been approved.

Once a product is approved, the ABC warehouse will assign it an allocation. The warehouse, not the ABC Commission, sets policies regarding deliveries.

The company is required by the NCABC Commission to complete the forms below and send to the appropriate address on EACH form .


A new company must supply the below documents prior to shipping product into the state ABC warehouse.

  1. Federal Basic Permit – Importer or Distilled Spirits, whichever applies, showing company name and address.
  2. Federal Basic Permit with our warehouse’s address. Apply here: Application for Basic Permit Under Federal Alcohol Administration Act (item F 5100.24) Please note: Address 1 (Premise Address) will be YOUR company name and the NC State Warehouse address – 404 E. Tryon Road, Raleigh, NC 27610. Address 2 (Mailing Address) is YOUR mailing address.
    North Carolina is a bailment state. The ABC Commission does not take ownership of the liquor. This permit is required by TTB to authorize the company to possess and store products in the North Carolina State ABC Warehouse located at 404 E. Tryon Road, Raleigh, NC 27610. No product may be shipped until the Federal Basic Permit is on file with the ABC Warehouse.
    TTB Customer Service
  3. Certificate of Authority from NC Secretary of State is required for all out-of-state suppliers to transact business in North Carolina.
  4. Send to the ABC Commission a completed Application for Supplier / Distiller Permit. This form must be filed with the ABC Commission and a permit number must be issued before shipments can begin.

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